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Apple’s Q2 tablet market share grows, Android still trailing behind

In Tablets on July 27, 2012 at 9:28 pm

The iPad, worthy of Apple’s gratitude.

Apple, undoubtedly still owns the throne.

Overall demand for tablets seem to have risen quite steadily since global tablet shipments has reached a total of 24.9 million units last quarter — up by 67 percent compared to last year’s 14.9 million. According to Strategy Analytics’ findings, Apple Inc. still deserves the crown since it has shipped a total of 17 million iPads in Q2 of this year and as a result, the Cupertino-based company’s previous [and healthy] 62 percent global market share in tablet computers has increased by an additional 6.3 percent — totaling to an impressive 68.3 percent.

Sadly, Android is still trailing quietly behind… well, more like it stayed where Apple has left it.

Android stales behind…

As you can see above, Android’s Q2 tablet share didn’t even budge after a year. It’s stuck at 29.3 percent which isn’t so bad but, knowing that a lot of OEMs are contributing to the production of devices which can cater to different market segments, It’s quite ironic that they are all being beaten single-handedly by the ‘Forbidden Fruit’.

It’s worth noting that Google has just released the Nexus 7 which can serve as the company’s catalyst to accelerate Android’s growth in the tablet market so surely we will be seeing the search giant’s ‘metabolic’ solution anytime soon, also, one of the key players within the 7-inch category is Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablet, both of which are running a customized version of the Android OS and have already gained quite a sizable user base. Apple is rumored to be developing a 7 inch contender as well which comes to no surprise since it’s a relatively logical solution to secure its tablet computing dominance.

Star players aside, Microsoft was able to secure a measly 1 percent of the global tablet share in Q2 and is set to launch its Windows 8 operating system in the later months of this year. Its Surface tablet has been receiving quite a lot of attention lately which is a good sign, the public is warming up to the software juggernaut’s ‘super tablet’. We’re not sure what cards Microsoft is planning on dropping against Apple and Google here since both companies have already captured a total of 97.6 percent of the pie which leaves very little room for ‘newbies’… this can only mean that Microsoft will have to fight its way into the VIP club.


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